'Younger' star Sutton Foster teases new musical moments as her 'favorite things'

PHOTO: Sutton Foster on the red carpet at The 73rd Annual Tony Awards, June 9, 2019, at Radio City Music Hall in New York.PlayCBS via Getty Images, FILE
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Actress, singer and dancer are just a few top talents on two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster's impressive resume.

But the "Younger" star -- who revealed her character, Liza, will have multiple musical numbers this season -- said she didn't initially want to sing on the hit show.

"I initially told Darren Star that I didn't want to sing on the show, that I didn't think this character sang," Foster told "GMA." "But he's managed to incorporate music and singing into the show, but it actually works very organically and brings characters together. I'm super excited."

PHOTO: Sutton Foster, right, as Liza Miller in an episode of Younger, with Miriam Shor. TV Land
Sutton Foster, right, as Liza Miller in an episode of "Younger," with Miriam Shor.

The first musical moment of the season where Foster's skills will be on full display was shot at an infamous piano bar in New York City, with her singing Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" alongside co-star Hilary Duff.

"We shot it in Marie's Crisis [Cafe], which is this amazing piano bar that primarily plays show tunes," Foster said. "It was tiny, like a tiny little place, and it was so much fun. To be able to do it with Miriam [Shor] and Hilary [Duff], it was awesome."

"You will see another musical moment this season," Foster said, "which is honestly -- it's one of my most favorite things we ever shot on the series."

The vocals are a perfect segue for Foster, who will return to Broadway in the highly-anticipated revival of "The Music Man" as Marian (The Librarian) Paroo in the fall of 2020.

The last time she was on Broadway was six years ago, and she said she's "really looking forward" to working with Hugh Jackman in the musical.

"And to be able to bring back 'The Music Man' -- I still am that 15-year-old kid, so it all feels a little like, 'Oh my God this is so cool,'" she added. "There's nothing like performing live on Broadway."

Foster recently shared the stage with Andrew Rannells as a presenter at the Tony Awards and said the moment was a dream for her younger self.

"I grew up watching the Tony Awards when I was a teenager, and so I used to dream of like, it felt so far away, like it just felt like impossible and now to be invited and I sat in the front row," she said. "I could just burst in tears."

She continued, "Just to be able to honor and celebrate all of those amazing people. It's just incredible."

"And Broadway's thriving," she said. "It's exciting."

While Foster didn't tease any big dance numbers in season six of "Younger," she did show off her sweet '90s moves in a recent Instagram video.

"I don't like working out," she said laughing at the video of herself. "But I started doing this dance cardio stuff with my trainer, I was like, 'Let's make up a dance!' It's like we're 15 again in your basement making up a dance routine with your girlfriend."

Foster fans can get a sneak peak of her singing in person at the Cafe Carlyle in New York City from June 11 - June 29.

"It's like coming into my living room," she said. "It's just me and a piano. It's fun."

Season 6 of "Younger" premieres Wednesday June 12 on TV Land.