'Good Morning America' Living the Dream Winners' Submission Videos

Check out the four winners of 'GMA's' Living the Dream Contest.

ByABC News via logo
May 12, 2010, 2:33 PM

May 17, 2010 — -- We pored through the thousands of submissions to "Good Morning America's" Living the Dream contest and we narrowed it down to four finalists.

But instead of choosing just one today GMA announced it has decided to fulfill the dreams of all four!

Read about the winners' stories and dreams below.

CLICK HERE to see Mark's submission video.

Big dreams are all about getting out of your normal routine -- and Mark Wilkins wants to go way, way out.

Mark, the self-proclaimed "pudgy pastor" from Crown Point, Indiana, wishes to fulfil his lifelong dream to rock out with '80s metal legend Alice Cooper.

This year Mark turns 50, but he has never given up on the dream he had as a boy in his room listening to Alice Cooper records in the '70s while the other kids idolized Joe Montana or Lee Majors.

He has every Alice Cooper album and song on his iPod and this summer he will be taking his wife and 21-year-old daughter to their first Alice Cooper concert, his fifth.

"I am a father, a husband and a pastor and I love all those," Mark wrote us. "But being on stage at an Alice Cooper concert would be so out of my life box it would mean the WORLD to me."

In a video submission, Mark's co-workers at Crown Point Methodist Church enthusiastically supported his bid to have his dream come true, joking that at least it would get him out of the office for a few days. At least we think they were joking.

CLICK HERE to see Gail's submission video.

Don't let the headline mislead you. Gail Sylva doesn't just want to dance, she wants to be "swept away by Prince Charming" on the dance floor.

For this 57-year-old grandmother of 11, Prince Charming is Tony Dovolani, the professional dancer from ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" who was last paired with Kate Gosselin.

With her only son about to ship out with the U.S. Marines, the former nurse wants to live the 'Dancing' life, from the makeup and gowns to the quick steps and dips.

"I just can't imagine how wonderful it would be to have the makeover and wear one of those amazing dresses," she said in her submission. "It is just a wonderful thought to experience the grace and fantasy of dancing like one of those women on 'Dancing With the Stars.' I would like to be a star for one day."