'GMA' List of the Day: Must-See Fall Movies, Shows From Entertainment Weekly

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Entertainment Weekly pulled together a "must see" list of DVDs hitting stores this month. Check out the top picks each week.

March 8 Movies

1. "Jackass 3D: Johnny Knoxville and his gang of daredevil idiots are back, and this time their gross-out gags are comin' at ya in 3-D. Duck!

2. "Morning Glory": A ditzy Diane Keaton and a crotchety Harrison Ford play two mismatched morning-show hosts. Co-stars Rachel McAdams.

3. "The Next Three Days": An underseen drama about a desparate husband (Russell Crowe) plotting to spring his wife (Elizabeth Banks) from jail after she¹s locked up for a murder she didn¹t commit. Or did she?

4. "Inside Job": Charles Ferguson's newly minted Oscar-winning documentary about the American economic nightmare we¹re all still trying to wake up from.

5. "Exit Through the Gift Shop": As much about mythmaking as it is about art, this nonfiction (ish) film takes a look at the merry prankster British street artist Banksy.

6. "The Walking Dead": Season one of AMC's hit zombie series gets a boxed set. A great way to catch up with one of the year¹s best new shows in case you missed it.

March 15th Movies

1. "The Fighter": Fresh off of its one-two Oscar night punch for Christian Bale and Melissa Leo, director David O. Russell's rousing, emotional roundhouse traces the lives of a pair of blue-collar boxer brothers.

2. "Hereafter": A reluctant psychic (Matt Damon) relays messages from the beyond in Clint Eastwood's meditation on the afterlife.

3. "The Switch": Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman star in this screwball comedy about a pair of best friends whose relationship gets messy when she unwittingly has his child via artificial insemination.

4. "BMX Bandits": If you ever wondered what Nicole Kidman looked like at 16, then you'll want to check out this 1983 Aussie import about three teenagers on the run from bungling bank robbers.

Entertainment Weekly's Top March Movies

March 22nd Movies

1. "The Tourist": Johnny Depp plays an ordinary guy (yeah, right!) who is lured into an espionage plot by a femme fatale played by Angelina Jolie (OK, we¹ll buy that!) in this underwhelming Euro-thriller.

2. "Yogi Bear": Here's one for the kids. Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake provide the voices of Yogi and his pint-size pal Boo Boo in this live-action-computer-animated hybrid.

3. "Stand By Me 25th Anniversary Edition": Want to feel old? This nostalgic classic about boyhood bestfriends gets a deluxe Blu-ray edition to celebrate its quarter-century birthday.

March 29nd Movies

1. "Black Swan": Oscar winner Natalie Portman plays an ambitious ballet dancer who's coming unglued on the eve of her career triumph.

2. "Mad Men": The fourth season of AMC's swizzle-stick series starring Jon Hamm as ladykiller Don Draper gets a boxed set.

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