Kirstie Alley's 'Big' Weight-Loss Plan

The actress has a new reality TV show and diet plan.

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March 18, 2010, 8:24 PM

March 19, 2010— -- Kirstie Alley's battle with her weight has been splashed across tabloid magazines and shown on television for years -- and it's about to start again.

This Sunday marks the premiere of her new reality show, "Kirstie Alley's Big Life," on A&E. The actress lets cameras into her home to document her weight-loss struggles.

"I thought there was some merit to watching the journey. I mean, this is something that millions of people are struggling with," Alley told "Good Morning America" this morning. She said that she has already lost 20 pounds.

Alley, who starred in the 2005 comedy series "Fat Actress," also launched a new weight-loss plan called "Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison." The program says the plan is "dedicated to stopping the roller-coaster ride of losing weight." The plan uses organic products and dietary supplements, according to its Web site.

Her new diet plan created a buzz this week, following reports that her company might have links to the Church of Scientology, a charge Alley denies.

"It's about as linked to it as "Cheers" was or Pier One or Jenny Craig. It's sort of [a] ludicrous concept," Alley, who has been a member of the church for 30 years, said.

"It doesn't even make sense to me how a business is a front for a religion. … It is absolutely not true," Alley said.

Alley said she began to gain weight six years ago, at the age of 53, when her bad habits of eating candy and soda and other sugary treats caught up with her.

Alley's Highs and Lows of Dieting

"I like to say I had a free ride until I was 53," Alley said.

Eventually she became a spokesmodel for Jenny Craig and lost 75 pounds on the diet.

She famously showed off her weight loss in a bikini on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2006, something she said she would not do again.

"It wasn't a mistake when I did it, but I was stupid. … I didn't think I would see [the video] again. I thought this was a one-time thing," Alley said.

But after leaving Jenny Craig in December 2007, Alley gained the weight back -- and then some. She confessed to People magazine last May that she had gained 83 pounds.

Alley told "GMA" she had reverted to her bad eating habits.

"I would love to say some man did me wrong, but it's not true…I had a really bad sugar problem and I still have that," Alley said.

But now the actress hopes that her television show will help with her weight loss. She wants to lose an additional 60 pounds.

"I love the challenge. ... It feels in the competitive spirit of being an athlete," Alley said.

"I think everybody's got to have the place where they feel good. I don't feel good when I am really overweight. I don't feel right when I am really, really underweight because it is too hard to keep it like that," Alley said. "I want to find that place where I feel good, where I just feel good for me."

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