• Ally McBeal

    Ally McBeal
    The television series "Ally McBeal" was on air from 1997 until 2002, focusing on the romantic and personal lives of the eccentric lawyers at the fictional, Boston firm of "Cage, Fish & Associates." Calista Flockhart played the title character, a 28-year-old Harvard Law School grad working at her ex-boyfriend's firm. In the five years it was on the air, the Emmy-winning program introduced its audience to dancing babies, unisex bathrooms and the word "wattle." For the first time, the entire series is out on DVD, and executive producer David E. Kelley and eight former cast members joined "Good Morning America" for a reunion.
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  • Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now Calista Flockhart

    Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now Calista Flockhart
    <b>Calista Flockhart: "Ally McBeal"</b><p> Flockhart became a household name for her role as the title character in "Ally McBeal." The actress has appeared in a number of feature films and currently plays Kitty Walker on the ABC series "Brothers & Sisters." She is the longtime girlfriend of Harrison Ford, and has a son, Liam, whom she adopted as a newborn in 2001. In March 2009, it was reported that she and Ford became engaged after more than seven years together. <p> The heart of the show, she said, was McBeal's search for love while pursuing a demanding career. "She was passionate about that search," Flockhart said on "GMA." "I think that is the plight of a lot of young women ... how do you kind of do all that in this crazy world?"
  • Ally McBeal Gil Bellows

    Ally McBeal Gil Bellows
    <b>Gil Bellows: "Billy Allen Thomas"</b> <p> Bellows played McBeal's former flame Billy Allen Thomas on the show. He recently appeared in "24: Redemption," part of the hit show "24" and will star in a film next year with Samuel L. Jackson called "Unthinkable." <p> Bellows said his work with Flockhart on the show "just felt really easy." Flockhart added that when she watched episodes of the show, "I always would say I actually really believe [our characters] loved each other."
  • Ally McBeal Courtney Thorne Smith

    Ally McBeal Courtney Thorne Smith
    <b>Courtney Thorne-Smith: "Georgia Thomas"</b> <p> Thorne-Smith, who played Billy's wife, Georgia Thomas, on "Ally McBeal," first became famous as part of the cast of another hit "Fox" series, "Melrose Place." She just finished an eight-year run starring as Cheryl, the wife of Jim Belushi's character on the sitcom "According to Jim." She is married and the mother of a son, Jake, who turns 2 in January. <p> "I was just excited to see everybody," Thorne Smith said of the reunion. "They were a ball." Thorne-Smith said it was difficult to play Billy's long-suffering wife, when "the audience really sort of really wanted Ally and Billy to end up together."
  • Ally McBeal Greg German

    Ally McBeal Greg German
    <b>Greg Germann: "Richard Fish"</b> <p> Germann played Richard Fish, one of the original partners at the firm. <p> "I was certain that we were doomed" because the acting and writing were so great, Germann said of "Ally McBeal." <p> Germann appears regularly on television shows, including multiple appearances on "CSI" and "CSI: New York." Earlier this month, he visited troops in Afghanistan as part of a USO Ambassadors of Hollywood tour.
  • Ally McBeal Lisa Nicole Carson

    Ally McBeal Lisa Nicole Carson
    Lisa Nicole Carson: "Renee Raddick" <p> Carson's character, Renee Raddick was McBeal's best friend and housemate on the show. Carson has been off the scene for several years after success in films like "Love Jones" and "Eve's Bayou," but she told CNN in October 2009 that she is hoping to return to acting. "What attracted me to the role is the fact that she was strong, professional and intelligent," Carson told CNN. "Those things really appealed to me at that time. I thought that was a unique situation, to be able to play an African-American woman on television coming from that space, and I thought it was pretty cool."
  • Ally McBeal Vonda Shephard

    Ally McBeal Vonda Shephard
    <b>Vonda Shephard:</b> <p> Vonda Shepard was the singer at everyone's favorite after-work bar. She's best known for the "McBeal" theme song "Searchin' My Soul" and credits the show with launching her musical career. Her most recent CD, "From the Sun," came out in September 2008. Shepard knew Kelley and his wife, actress Michelle Pfeiffer. <p> "I was doing a gig in LA and my friend David came down to see me play," she said, which led to her role on the show. <p> "The songs resonated with what he was trying to do" on "Ally McBeal," she added.
  • Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now David E Kelly

    Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now David E Kelly
    Kelley was most recently the creator and executive producer of the Emmy-winning legal comedy/drama "Boston Legal." The five-time Emmy-winning show ran from 2004-2008. He has been married to actress Michelle Pfeiffer since 1993, and the couple has two children. Kelley was a practicing lawyer until he got involved in the show "L.A. Law" in the 1980's and made the jump to screenwriting and producing.
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  • Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now Jane Krakowski

    Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now Jane Krakowski
    Krakowski played the nosy office secretary Elaine Vassal, who, in her spare time, invented something called the Face Bra. She said "the show changed all of our lives." Krakowski currently stars on the hit series "30 Rock" and recently completed a few dates of her very own cabaret act in NYC. In 2003, she won a Tony for her Broadway performance in "Nine." <p> Krakowski admitted to taking a Face Bra home. "I did take a Face Bra home," she said. "I think everyone was allowed to take something off the set when the series ended."
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  • Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now Lucy Liu

    Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now Lucy Liu
    <b>Lucy Liu: "Ling Woo"</b><p> Liu played tough as nails attorney Ling Woo on the show, and went on to star in a number of movies and television series. She starred with Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz in "Charlie's Angels," and played a publishing mogul on the defunct "Cashmere Mafia."
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  • Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now Portia De Rossi

    Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now Portia De Rossi
    <b>Portia De Rossi: "Nell Porter"</b><p> De Rossi played lawyer Nell Porter on the show. Since "Ally McBeal" ended, De Rossi has starred on television series that include "Arrested Development" and "Nip/Tuck." She is married to comedian and talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.
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  • Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now

    Ally McBeal Cast: Then and Now
    "Ally McBeal," the complete series, is available on DVD in stores now.