No Gold for Natalie Coughlin on 'Dancing'

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In week four of this season's "Dancing With the Stars," the 11 remaining couples battled it out with four new dances: the two-step, Charleston, Bolero and the Lambada.

She may be the owner of nearly a dozen Olympic medals, but swimmer Natalie Coughlin will not be taking home the "Dancing With the Stars" trophy disco ball this year.

Coughlin and professional dance partner Alec Mazo were eliminated Tuesday after judges and viewers gave them a mediocre grade for their Paso Doble.

"I'm sad it's over," Coughlin told "Good Morning America" this morning. "I definitely wasn't a dancer coming into this. I enjoyed it so much. It's been a wonderful experience."

Coughlin's loss came during in an emotional episode of "DWTS," as the show's 16 professional dancers gathered for a group dance as a tribute to the late Michael Jackson, several of whom's family members were in attendance.

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"We're all very proud of it," Mazo said today. "We were really excited to see the family there. We just wanted to make sure we didn't disappoint them."

Week Five of 'DWTS'

Week Five of "Dancing with the Stars" was filled with high scores, comebacks, and the flu, as the contestants competed with Argentine tangos and Paso Dobles, and ended the night with a group dance, the Hustle.

This week's scores were the highest yet. No couple scored fewer than 20 points, and even the lowest scorers still earned the judges' respect and praise.

In the lead with 29 points, including two 10s, was Donny Osmond and partner Kym Johnson's stunning Argentine Tango.

Judge Bruno Tonioli dubbed Osmond "Donny Darko," and Len Goodman told the couple "it was truly your best dance."

Carrie Anne Inaba told Osmond "the Argentine tango loves Donny Osmond ... I know I just fell in love with was so darn sexy."

Mya and Dmitri Chaplin came in second place with an impressive 27 points and their Argentine Tango to "I'm Sorry, So Sorry" did not disappoint.

"I never really know what I like until I see it, and I've got to say, I liked that," Goodman said.

"You're a great technician," Tonioli said. "You always have to keep the emotional connection."

Inaba said the dance was distant and lacked "inner dialogue," but still felt the couple "move so well."

Coming in last this week was Dallas Cowboy great Michael Irvin and his partner Anna Demidova, who have consistently been a low-scoring pair in this competition. Despite only earning 21 points, the judges' comments were more positive than negative, acknowledging that the couple has been improving.

Inaba said that irvin "finally put his game face on," calling it her favorite dance of his so far.

"It was aggressive," Goodman said. "I enjoyed your bolero last week, this is even better."

Referring to a nickel that fell out of Irvin's pocket during the Paso Doble, Tonioli joked that Irvin should "keep that nickel in your butt because it's working for you." Irvin then went up to the judges table to give Tonioli the nickel.

Although not a top scorer, Aaron Carter was perhaps the surprise comeback of the night. His Tango proved to the judges that their criticisms and suggestions over the past few weeks have been taken to heart. Tonioli stood up as he told Carter, "you've done exactly what I've asked you to do."

Another surprise came when it was announced that Derek Hough was sick with the flu and that Maksim Chmerkovsky would fill in to dance with model Joanna Krupa. Given the circumstances, their dance was well received and earned the couple a solid score of 24 points.

To conclude the night everyone danced together to the Hustle -- Season 9's group dance. Kelly Osbourne danced it barefoot after hurting herself during her individual dance, and Mark Dacascos did a flip. Such absurdities earned the group some interesting commentary from the judges.

Inaba called it a "crazy train" and Tonioli told the group it was "sublime and ridiculous at the same time." Goodman was a bit more positive and told the group "well done all of you."

Last week on "Dancing with the Stars," Ultimate Fighting champ Chuck Liddell was voted off. His partner Anna Trebunskaya told Good Morning America that Liddell "had to work a lot [on] his dancing footwork and dancing ability. Totally different from fighting."

Kathy Ireland, Debi Mazer, Macy Grey and Ashley Hamilton have also already been voted off the show. Tom DeLay bowed out after suffering an injury.

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