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Many of the options are free of charge.

June 13, 2020, 4:07 AM

This story originally ran on the Common Sense Media website. It has been reprinted here with permission.

Summer 2020 won't be the idyllic canoeing-on-the-lake camp you might have envisioned for your kid. But online summer camps for kids at home aren't necessarily a sad stand-in for the "real" thing. In fact, your kid could have a pretty great summer doing many of the same things they'd do at traditional camp, like making new friends, learning cool things, and improving academic skills (not to mention staying out of your hair).

In some ways, online programs may even have a bit of an edge over an in-person camp. With go-at-your-own-pace lessons, one-on-one meetings with counselors, and experienced instructors, kids get to take advantage of learning opportunities they wouldn't have otherwise. And most -- but not all -- virtual camps are less expensive than the traditional kind. With many of the listings below, you can mix and match activities to tailor the experience to your kids' interests. Each works a bit differently, so review the "How it works" section for details. And check back frequently for updates to this story as the summer progresses.

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