It's 'Baby Shark Week' at a Missouri hospital, and it couldn't be cuter

Baby shark week, do do do do do.

There's nothing scary about these sharks -- they're as soft and as cuddly as can be.

"Baby Shark Week" at St. Luke's North hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, decided to celebrate "Shark Week," which began Aug. 9, in the sweetest way ever: by dressing newborns up in little shark costumes.

Nurse Amber Tenay told "Good Morning America" that "No one planned to deliver a baby during a pandemic. In this scary time we want the families to feel safe and have a great experience."

The idea, Tenay said, was born out of one of the hospital physicians' love for the annual "Shark Week."

Tenay helped make costumes and take photos and footage of the baby sharks.

"All the families were so excited," she said. And for one mom, who had themed her pregnancy announcement photos to "Baby Shark" the moment felt like it was "meant to be," Tenay told "GMA."

The hospital hopes that "Baby Shark Week" will become an annual event.

"We really strive to give our patients a positive experience," Tenay said. "We want them to feel well taken care of."