Little boy’s expression at learning new sibling’s gender says it all

His mom said he eventually came around.

March 6, 2018, 1:49 PM

For an honest reaction, look no further than a kid.

How Jack Rodrigues felt upon learning at the family's gender reveal that his mom would be giving birth to a baby girl was written all over his face.

Jack, 6, already has three sisters.

His mom, Kate Casey, a comedian, author and podcast host from Newport Beach, California, told "Good Morning America" she sensed his feelings right away.

"Once my husband hit the tennis ball, I saw his reaction and began to cry out of concern for his feelings," she said.

The tennis ball exploded in a burst of pink.

"This was the first time we all shared in the surprise of the sex of the baby," Casey said. "I kept the answer in an envelope for weeks. I had some trepidation before the reveal knowing all the kids guessed the baby would be a brother. Jack was really eager to have a little brother since he often complains there are so many girls in our house."

But little Jack has since come around, his mom said. He's looking at the bright side of having another girl in the family.

"We reminded him of all the solo trips he can spend with dad at the batting cage and going to tennis matches," Casey said. "My apologies in advance to his future wife or for any boys who will want to date his sisters."