Little brother wins hearts in hilarious family fish photo gone viral

"It just spread like wildfire," mom told "GMA."

A photo of three brothers posing with faux fish is capturing hearts across the globe, thanks to the littlest guy in the bunch.

Levi, 4, Logan, 3 and Landon Daniels, 18 months, posed for their mother in June at a children's museum in Brookings, South Dakota. Mom Marika Daniels told "Good Morning America" that her boys had been fishing in a pond at the museum and they each caught a "fish."

"I originally posted it on my Facebook and my friends were saying how funny and cute [it was]," Daniels said, adding that the picture was eventually turned into an online meme. "It just spread like wildfire."

As Daniels attempted to snap a photo of her sons, the youngest, Landon, stole the spotlight by placing his "fish" in his mouth.

"When I saw it I was like, 'Ugh, Landon.'" said Daniels, a resident of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. "He's just at that age where he puts everything in his mouth. They are rubber fish. They're not real fish. After I saw the picture I said, 'Oh my gosh, this is actually kind of funny' -- and apparently everyone else thought so too."

The image of the Daniels boys has been shared as far as India, Daniels said.