This Christmas tree hack is your 2019 #goals

You'll only wish you had seen this sooner.

If your Christmas tree is still fully decorated and taking up space in your living room because, you know, life, this woman from Prior Lake, Minnesota has come to save you from hours of unnecessary work.

"After being so busy over the holidays, I wasn't looking forward to taking down my tree and somehow came up with the idea to try and avoid taking all of the ornaments off," Renae Krivitz told "Good Morning America." Then she remembered a roll of plastic wrap she'd been hanging onto for 14 years.

What happened next was nothing less than post-Christmas cleanup magic.

"My husband and I wrapped the tree together - as tightly as we could and then moved it to our lower level storage area," Krivitz said. "Our biggest challenge was getting it through the storage room door but after some prodding we got it in."

It wasn't Saran wrap on the tree though. It was heavy-duty stuff left by a builder.

"It's the type of plastic you'd put on carpet or wrap new furniture with. As a note, when I decorate this tree, I usually secure the ornaments pretty well by wrapping the ornaments hooks around the pliable tree branches." Krivitz said.

"This helps to ensure they don't fall of it someone bumps into the tree. And, it came in handy with my new system so none of the ornaments fell off during the transport!"

Since her post, Krivitz has come under some criticism for not being environmentally friendly in her plastic use.

"I had this extra role of plastic for 14 years and finally put it to good use." she told "GMA."

"If possible, I will reuse it each year," she said. "We are a very environmentally friendly family. We just purchased an electric vehicle and I am active in our sustainability teams at my office."

There were also those that chimed in to say that she would miss the tradition of decorating the tree with her kids next year, but that's not necessarily true, Krivitz said.

The family typically has two trees -- one with matching ornaments and the one we see wrapped in the photos and another "family" tree decorated with the kids' mementos. This year her grown kids never found time to help with the family tree so it didn't go up.

"If I can convince my teenage kids to help me, we will put that tree up next year," she said.