This couple's daughters are due at the same time -- and we're not crying, you're crying!

It was the surprise of a lifetime.

Anna and Renee McInarnay's love story began where they were 17. Fast forward -- through time apart, back together, a wedding, professional accolades and fertility treatments -- to today.

On Friday, one of their daughters will be born. On Sunday, the next.

The couple met as teens in Mississippi, they told "Good Morning America." The were married last year and soon began discussing kids.

"We never wanted to have any regrets," Renee said.

The couple traveled to New Orleans and went to Audubon Fertility. The couple realized, of course, that since they were there to be inseminated on the same day, there was a chance they could both get pregnant. But it didn't seem likely.

"Initially, we didn't know if Renee could get pregnant," Anna said. Renee has a hormone imbalance known as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and there was just one egg.

"I remember not wanting to waste the money," Anna said. "The chances were so small. But one nurse said, 'the fact that you’re here right now, there's a fertilized egg, you're ovulating at the same time. See what happens.'

"Thank goodness we did," Anna said. "I remember, in the car ride home, it was quiet and Renee looked down and said, 'challenge accepted.'"

Emma Reese, the baby Renee is carrying, was up for the challenge too. Avonlea Grace, her half-sister, will be born to Anna.

"In the south we call this a 'God thing,'" Anna said.

"When they called us they said, 'OK, sit down -- Anna is pregnant,' and I was overjoyed, I was looking at my wife, elated," Renee said.

"Then they said, 'but listen -- Renee you are, too,'" she continued. "We were running around the living room jumping and hugging each other, losing our minds. Then we just stopped and stared at each other, crying."

Since the babies were conceived on the same day, they have the exact same due date. But the women will be induced 36 hours apart: one on Friday and one on Sunday. This enables each woman to be present at the birth of both girls.

It's the culmination of many milestone events in the couple's life over the last two years. First Anna was named 2016 Mississippi Teacher of the Year.

Then Renee, a physical education teacher, was named Elementary P.E. Teacher of the Year.

Then in July, 2017, the wedding.

In November, the first trip to the fertility clinic.

In January, both women were pregnant.

By Sunday, the teens who fell in love all those years ago will become a family of four.

The women want other couples going through fertility treatments to know that they understand how lucky they themselves are.

"We sat with them in the waiting rooms, we were treated on the same days," Anna said. "We saw their struggles and we know that we are so blessed."

Renee concurs.

"I think going to be absolutely magical to see a little version of the woman who stole my heart."