This couple's 'Jurassic Park' wedding is a must-see

"Clever girl."

A couple has celebrated their "Jurassic Park" fandom with an epic wedding soiree themed around the popular prehistoric film franchise.

Courtney McMillion, 28, and Bill McMillion, 26, shared their obsession with 170 guests by incorporating dinosaurs, greenery and even a "Jurassic Park" vehicle to complete the vibe.

"I feel like the whole planning process, right from Day 1 when I said, ''Jurassic Park' wedding,' I got crazy looks," Courtney McMillion told "Good Morning America." "Once they saw it they said, 'Wow, you did it very well.'

"I think [guests] were pleasantly surprised," she added.

Courtney and Bill McMillion's nuptials took place on July 7 at The Landing 1841 in Burlington, Wisconsin, where Courtney works as an event manager.

The pair has been together for nearly five years and bonded over their love for "Jurassic Park," which is why they gave a nod to the sci-fi movies on their big day.

"Very early on in our relationship, it kind of became our thing," Courtney said. "It was always on TV and when we first started dating. They were doing a lot of promotion for "Jurassic World."

The celebration featured dinosaurs on the escort cards, in the centerpieces and on a custom spotlight created by their DJ.

The hashtag was #AMcMillionYearsintheMaking -- mimicking the movie's tagline: "An adventure 65 million years in the making."

And although they perfectly nailed the dino theme, Courtney said she's not totally "Jurassic Park"-ed out just yet.

"It'll always be somewhere," she admitted.