Dad and daughter surprise wedding guests with synchronized dance

"No one expected this transition at all."

Dad and daughter surprise wedding guests with synchronized dance
Courtesy of Creative Fox Films
Video byEvan Wyno
March 4, 2024, 3:26 PM

When Kalista Kassidy Caufield married James Caufield last October, it wasn’t just the two of them getting all the attention at their wedding.

Kassidy Caufield and her dad Doug Miller also stole the spotlight for a synchronized father-daughter dance they surprised guests with at The Islander Resort in Islamorada, Florida.

"It didn't take much convincing for my dad to be on board!" Kassidy Caufield told "Good Morning America" via email. "He thought the dance for my wedding was a great idea because he knew that he would be emotional on my wedding day and he thought this would help him take his mind off of crying during our dance."

Kalista Kassidy Caufield and her father Doug Miller surprised her wedding guests with a synchronized dance.
Courtesy of Creative Fox Films

Kassidy Caufield shared the fun memory in a TikTok video post, where it has since gone viral, garnering over 1 million views since Feb. 12. In the minutelong clip, the father-daughter duo clap their hands, sidestep, shake their arms, and Miller even hops over his daughter during one exciting transition to an upbeat medley, which at one point features Salt-N-Pepa’s 1987 hit "Push It."

"It was so much fun! We first did our traditional father-daughter dance to the song 'My Little Girl' so no one expected this transition at all," Kassidy Caufield wrote. 

Kalista Kassidy Caufield with her father Doug Miller at her engagement party at her parents’ home in Windermere, Florida.
Courtesy of Kalista Kassidy Caufield

Kassidy Caufield said her mom, a dance choreographer, choreographed all the moves for her and her dad, and they practiced together as a family at least once a week for about a month and a half before her Oct. 26, 2023, wedding.

When the time came, Kassidy Caufield said their guests were "shocked" but "loved" the father-daughter number.

"My dad and I both love to put on a good show and we did just that," she wrote. "Honestly, the best part was watching my grandparents' reactions in videos later that night. They were laughing so hard that they were crying. Both of them thought it was so funny and all of our guests had absolutely NO idea!"

Kassidy Caufield, who said her wedding was "magical," added that for anyone else thinking of doing a surprise dance, she highly recommends it.

"If you're thinking about doing a surprise dance at your wedding … 100% do it," she wrote. "It is something that everyone is still talking about and it is such a special memory for my dad and I!"