Dad surprises family with bachelor's degree from same university as daughter

"Words truly cannot express how proud I am of him," his daughter said.

An Illinois father has graduated from the same college as his daughter in a complete surprise to the family.

Mike Loven, 47, of Machesney Park, received a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics with a 3.99 GPA from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, last October. His daughter, Taleigh Loven, 23, earned her bachelor's degree in psychology.

As Taleigh celebrated at home, Loven walked into the room wearing a GCU alumni shirt, and later, a cap and gown matching his daughter's.

"The confusion was a lot of fun. I don't keep secrets," Loven told "Good Morning America." "[My wife], she thought GCU had sent my daughter's diploma and accidentally put my name on it."

Loven is an owner of a staffing company. In 2016, he said he decided it was time he went back to school to obtain a college degree.

At the time, his wife, Carrie, son Austin, 25, and Taleigh were all completing their own degrees at different universities.

Little did they know that Loven was studying in secret.

"They thought I was working on a spreadsheet for work when in reality I was working on a spreadsheet in an accounting class," Loven said.

"I knew it was going to be a surprise and I don't know why," he added. "Just hard not to beam with a lot of pride ... it was a four-and-a-half-year secret but now we all get to celebrate that commonality."

Taleigh told "GMA" she was overwhelmed with emotion after learning about her dad's accomplishment.

"During the time that he was working on his degree, he carried the load for us as he has for my entire life," Taleigh said. "His selfless act shows a glimpse to his character. Words truly cannot express how proud I am of him."

The fact that her dad chose the same school made the surprise even more special, Taleigh said.