‘Fight Song’ singer Rachel Platten’s response to comments on her pregnant body

Platten she was shocked by the overwhelming responses on her Instagram.

Rachel Platten is issuing a pregnancy PSA by reminding others to zip it when it comes to pointing out body flaws on a mama-to-be.

The "Fight Song" singer recently posted on Instagram that she was in tears after someone passed judgment on her pregnancy bod.

"hi so yesterday an (excited) acquaintance told me 'wow your hips and butt look way bigger! So cool!'...then I cried for 30 minutes. Because ive also noticed my body changing because DUH I’m making a human but I’m like “oh I’m being hard on myself no one can tell,” she wrote.

Platten, 37, admitted the remark "stung so bad."

“I wish that it hadn’t affected me so much,” Platten said in an interview with “Good Morning America” at her Los Angeles home on Tuesday. “Because I love to promote body positivity and loving yourself no matter what, but it did, it hurt.”

Platten soon realized her experience was quite common.

"When I was pregnant years ago, a woman said from the back I looked like I was having twins! Nope. Just one," one woman commented.

Another let Platten know that she could relate to the struggle. "My MIL told me I was huge at my baby shower," she wrote. "I almost did not attend."

A mom-to-be said, "Preach!...I’m 30 weeks pregnant and some old guy on the train to work the other day says “You’re big! Must be hard being so pregnant in the summer.” Thanks dude, just what I needed and wanted to hear."

"Love you, Queen!" another said. "Be proud of the skin you’re in!"

Platten told “GMA” that she was shocked by the overwhelming responses from fans on her Instagram page.

“I said, ‘wait…real women are experiencing this and before I got pregnant [I] had no idea that this was an issue,’” Platten said. “I thought it would just be beautiful and you'd love and celebrate this joyful thing that's happening to you.”

On July 25, Platten announced that she and her husband, Kevin Lazan, were expecting their first child.

Platten delighted her fans with a belly shot and a caption describing the challenges she faced during her first few months of pregnancy.

From "exhaustion" and "constant sickness," Platten said she wanted to be honest in reporting the symptoms that "no one wants to really talk about" but also didn't want to appear "ungrateful" for the pregnancy.

"We can hold both love and wonder and aw and joy, but also frustration and sickness and fear and darker stuff too and it’s normal!" she wrote. "I love you all so much, and I promise to continue to share as much of this process with you as I can."

Now, Platten is asking others to resist the urge to comment on a woman's pregnant body.

“I think what happens is that people look at this as this really exciting thing happening to a woman and all of a sudden see it as an objective thing and it's no longer part of the woman's body and its public property [that’s up for discussion] and people forget you're the same sensitive person attached to it,” Platten explained.