Grooms dress as Woody and Buzz Lightyear for their magical, Disney-themed wedding

This couple's nuptials were next level -- right down to the VHS tapes.

One Disney-loving couple took their nuptials "to infinity and beyond" with a Disney-themed wedding.

Garrett Smith and Jason Bitner of Illinois were married last month in a magical ceremony surrounded by family and friends dressed as Disney characters. The couple themselves dressed as Buzz Lightyear and Woody from "Toy Story" and shared their first dance to the movie's hit tune, "You've Got a Friend In Me."

"Things exploded and it just became an outright obsession," Smith told "Good Morning America" of the couple's love for Disney. "My entire family ended up really getting into it and I was very surprised and touched that they spent so much time and effort into their costumes because it meant so much to us."

The men got engaged in August 2016 at Disneyland and always knew they'd surround their nuptials in Disney magic, they said.

The happy couple even dusted off their classic VHS boxes from the '90s to have on display.

"The VHS tapes were something we both grew up watching," Bitner told "GMA." "Mine were at my parents' and Garrett still has his and we thought, 'How cool would that be?'"

Dinner was filled with Disney sing-a-longs and the cupcakes were Churro-flavored -- a nod to Disneyland's Señor Buzz churros.

Smith said the couple's outfit choices reflect their views on marriage.

"I really like how Buzz and Woody have such a strong friendship throughout all the three movies," Smith said. "And like in any marriage, you have to have a strong friendship and mutual respect for one another."

Smith's parents dressed as Ursula and King Triton from "The Little Mermaid," while Bitner's dad sported a "Pirates of the Caribbean" outfit and his mom dressed like Tinkerbell.

Guests dressed as "The Incredibles," Nemo, Prince Charming, Mary Poppins and Snow White had their photos snapped by Tiffany Brandt and Kip Gire of Tiffany Brandt Photography.

As for the couple's Disney movie picks, "The Little Mermaid," "Aladdin" and "Toy Story 3" take the top spots.

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This story was originally published on September 12, 2018.