Hilarious photo of baby's face on Walmart monitor goes viral

"There were Walmart employees standing there and laughing."

Mom Ivy Janzen captured the moment when her husband Nick Janzen lifted their 5-month-old, Kira, up to the television monitor in the Wichita-based store. The image of Kira was tweeted by aunt Keri Janzen on Oct. 15 and quickly garnered viral attention.

"I just thought it would be funny so I asked Ivy and she said, 'Go ahead and I'll take a picture,'" Nick Janzen told "Good Morning America." "There were Walmart employees standing there and laughing."

The Janzen said the picture was taken on Oct. 13 when they went out grocery shopping for dinner.

Keri Janzen said her tweet recently hit 40 million views.

"I saw the picture on Facebook and it made me laugh so hard I just had to share it," she told "GMA."

When Kira isn't busy being a viral sensation, she loves smiling and being the center of attention, her mom said.