This LA spa has free child care so we'll be seeing you there on the regular

Coming (hopefully) to a town near you.

Moms are often told they need to take care of themselves. Find time to relax, reboot.

But if mom's taking care of herself, who is taking care of the kids?

Enter L.A.'s Spa Le La. It's a spa with childcare inside. And the childcare is free.

Founder Trina Renea had operated The Facial Bungalow in L.A. for many years. In 2010 she had a baby.

"I became immersed in baby world." she told "Good Morning America." "When I told people I was an esthetician, they would say 'oh I would love to get a facial but I can't because of the baby.' I kept hearing that over and over."

So she had the idea to offer child care inside a spa. But there was one obvious problem: Spas are known for peaceful serenity. Children are not.

At Spa Le La, she included a sound-proof room, "like a recording studio," she said. It has a glass wall so it's easy to see inside. All the nannies have had a background check and everyone at the spa is CPR-certified.

Moms or dads get a buzzer to take with them in case they're needed.

They rarely are needed.

Moms, Renea said, often "come out with tears in their eyes. They're overwhelmed that this exists."

And the kids? They're usually having so much fun they tell their moms to go back to the spa, Renea said.

Here's how it works: Child care is complimentary for one child while in spa services. Each additional child is $6. There is a 30 minute complimentary lounge time for all visits that can be used before or after treatments. Children can be in the playroom for a maximum of 2 hours.

For the grownups, there are massages, facials, napping rooms and more.

"They don’t need a baby sitter," Renea said. "The spa is designed to just get away in the middle of the day. It's for the stay-at-home mom on the verge of breaking. Instead of coffee or the park, come once or twice a week to Spa Le La."

Next step for the business is franchises around the country.