Magical moment when mom reveals surprise Disney trip to daughter

The mother-daughter duo went to Disney World for a three day trip.

One mom pulled off a magical surprise and took her young daughter to Disney World for the first time before summer comes to a close.

Last Thursday, JaTawna Avant came up with a tech-savvy way to deliver the exciting plans to her daughter Jaidyn Faith.

"I decided to send her a note and AirDrop it to her phone when we got to the airport. It was perfect timing because she saw lots of airplanes and started to ask questions," her mom said, laughing.

When Jaidyn read the note, she was seemingly in shock, then began to tear up and thank her mom.

"'Jaidyn, I love you so much. You have been a good girl this summer,'" she read aloud from her phone.

"'We are going to Disney. We are driving to the airport now,'" she said, gasping and visibly shocked.

Jaidyn dropped the phone and put her face in her hands, then, holding back tears, said, "Thank you, Mommy."

"When she started to cry my heart was so warm it was a sudden feeling of an overflow of joy," the mother said. "It made all the planning for this trip so worth it. I actually wanted to cry."

She continued, "This has always been my childhood dream and [as] a single mother it was an honor to be able to make daughter’s dream come true at this age."

Jaidyn "really wanted to see the castle," so the pair explored and enjoyed everything the Magic Kingdom had to offer.

"It was a quick mommy and daughter trip prior to school starting," Avant said, adding that they returned home on Aug. 12.