Meet Miss Pat, selfless mom of 12 who won epic breakfast in bed for Mother's Day

The mother of 12 and grandmother of 52 got a big surprise.

Patricia Jones -- better known as Miss Pat -- continually puts others first in her family and community, and this year, the mother of 12, grandmother of 52 and great-grandmother of one received a Mother's Day surprise of a lifetime.

For "Good Morning America's" 22nd annual Breakfast in Bed to celebrate a deserving mother, TJ Holmes and Ginger Zee traveled to Wilson, North Carolina, to visit Jones and her family, who all helped coordinate the special celebration for this year's winner.

"I'm lost for words. I love my family. I love all of you," she said, holding back tears surrounded by her friends and family during the big surprise.

Jones, 67, raised her children in a single-family home working multiple jobs to make ends meet, and she was determined to make sure that never affected her family's happiness.

Now, all grown up, one of her daughters told "GMA" they didn't have a lot, but they didn't know it, because she had a good way of hiding it and making the best for them.

Not only does Miss Pat help take care of her family, she is also a regular volunteer at her local food bank at Glad Tidings Gospel Church.

As part of the big surprise, after Jones received a $5,000 gift card to TJ X, the parent company of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods, another surprise rolled in on 16 wheels.

The massive hauler contained 40,000 pounds with $166,000 worth of food, donated by Tyson Foods, for her church's food bank.

"The people need it," she said. "Thank you, thank you."

The overjoyed, soft-spoken mother continually repeated her appreciation as her family cheered and celebrated her big moment.