Mom blogger's hilarious holiday mishap cracks up millions in viral video

Her laughter alone will get you smiling in seconds.

Mary Katherine Backstrom was really feeling the holiday spirit last Friday, and it inspired her to buy a complete stranger ginger ale at the local Wawa in Fort Myers, Florida.

It would have been a lovely gesture had it ended there. But see, her act of generosity spurred another -- "Christmas magic," she thought.

Turns out she was mistaken about how far her ginger ale purchase had spread at the Wawa that day. The error though, led to a hilarious viral video sure to put a smile on the face this holiday season of even the biggest Scrooge.

"I've just stopped crying I'm laughing so hard," Backstrom said in the video that's been viewed 34 million times since it was posted. And her followers are laughing right along with her.

"I've seriously watched this 10x now I can't stop watching it," wrote one person.

Wrote another, "Your hysterical laughing is the best part!!! I love it when someone enjoys life and laughs so much that you can’t even talk!!! Carry on, sister!"

Maybe it is "Christmas magic" after all.