How this mom revealed to her husband why she's always exhausted is all of us

She began doodling, and the results were hilarious.

October 17, 2018, 3:22 PM

A Texas mom is delighting parents on Facebook after nailing why moms of newborns are so tired, in a series of hand-drawn comics.

Mattea Goff, a mother of two, told "Good Morning America" that she recently experienced the all-too-familiar "rough night" with her infant daughter. To get her frustrations out, she began doodling. And the results were hilarious.

"I started drawing one picture and it turned into a bunch more," Goff said. "I handed it to [my husband] and he laughed, he got it. His reaction was pretty funny."

Goff's comics illustrated a night caring for her 5-month-old, Aurora, beginning with the baby waking up next to her in the bassinet to breastfeed and later, spitting up -- all while dad snores away.

Goff posted her drawings to Facebook where it was shared nearly 200,000 times and garnered thousands of comments from parents.

"This is just one of those truths that everyone can relate to," Goff said. "Even if you're not nursing in bed, newborns all sleep the same way, need to be fed, changed and are spiting up and the majority falls to mom. It doesn't mean we can't be tired and cranky."

Her husband Kris may be dreaming in the sketches, but Goff noted that he's an amazing, and incredibly involved dad.

"I am exclusively breastfeeding, that was my choice, but he supports it and he greatly appreciates it," she explained. "It's not like it's his fault that he's sleeping."

Goff added, "It works just fine and I also think something that families can relate too is we're tired, but there's nothing negative there."

Goff created a Facebook landing page specifically for her drawings titled, STICK with me -- home of #uselessnipples.

She'll be adding to the growing collection of her humorous artwork, she said.