Mom's coronavirus time capsule activity is what parents and kids need during quarantine

She created them from babies to adulthood, and they're all free to download.

"It has been used as a tool to help get children talking to their parents in this time, especially the "How I'm Feeling" page," Long, mom to Olivia, 8 and John, 3, told "Good Morning America."

"[I] never wanted to make money for this resource," she said. "We are all struggling in this uncertain time and I wanted to share something positive."

The COVID-19 original time capsule workbook for kids, as Long titles the project, includes a page to draw a family picture, and sections like "all about me," what I'm doing at home, an interview for the parents and more.

Long offers versions for U.S. citizens, Canadians, French and Spanish PDF's, too.

She also has bonus pages available for download like "Born in the Middle of a Pandemic," for parents of newborns. There's even a pregnancy one.

The adult workbook, which Long said was highly requested, features a page titled, "Facts from this Time." People can write down TV shows that were trending during the pandemic, as well as the cost of items like gas, milk and eggs.

The next page encourages you to write down what you're most grateful for, and hope not to take for granted in the future.

Long, who owns the Etsy shop, LONG Creations, said in lieu of charging for the time capsules, she hopes customers will consider donating to a local charity or passing on a random act of kindness within their community.

She suggests storing the finish products in a box with keepsakes from this time (artwork, pictures, birthday cards, notes), and pulling out of the attic in 10 years or any time kids have questions.

You can download Long's digital time capsules here.