Moms dress up as Disney characters to help kids pass time at home

Princesses and superheros were brought to life for some family fun.

A group of Disney loving moms are keeping kids entertained during quarantine by dressing up as their favorite characters.

Kasey Potts, 32, and Kelly Stevenson, 36, started the hashtag “therealdisneymomsofquarantine” on Instagram so other moms could share Disney getups online as a way to have some fun and stay busy while social distancing.

“We were putting together a post of what would be a collage of six mom’s photos and they looked so great that we thought we should make a funny hashtag to go along with them,” Stevenson, from St. Augustine, Florida, explained. “The next day we got this huge response. It turned out better than we could have imagined.”

The pair, along with other moms, began expanding their outfits as a way to celebrate Mother’s Day at home.

“This community of Disney moms just loved it,” Potts said. “Obviously Mother’s Day wasn’t the same this year for many people so this was something that brought out the humor and a lot of moms could relate to it.”

From Mulan...

to Mrs. Incredible…

to the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland…

Princesses, superheroes and villains were all brought to life for some family fun-- and the kids are loving it.

“My son kept taking my phone and wanted to see what other funny pictures came up,” Stevenson said. “My daughter's face just lights up every time I dress up as a character.”

In addition to entertaining the kids, Potts revealed the Disney dress ups also helped her stay grounded as social distancing drags on.

“Every day there is some sort of outfit I can get my daughter involved in which is great,” Potts, a Los Angeles native, said. “It's also my way of feeling a sense of control in this time where I can't control anything else around me. It's become my coping mechanism and it’s nice to hear we’ve inspired other moms to come up with costumes too.”

Potts and Stevenson added they plan to continue the Disney-themed costumes for the time being.

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