Mom's hilarious self-care hack involves a BBQ brush massage

The video has been viewed 40,000 times.

A mom in need of some self-care has allowed her daughter to give her a quick treatment with a BBQ brush.

Katy Tenner of Sacramento, California, shared the hilarious video on her Instagram page Tortured by Toddlers, where it's been viewed 40,000 times.

Tenner, a front line worker at a skilled nursing facility, said she filmed the footage when her 5-year-old asked if she could the rubber brush to "paint mommy's face."

"She started doing it and i was like, 'Oh my gosh. This is the most amazing thing,'" Tenner told "Good Morning America." "And shortly thereafter my 3-year-old jumped on my stomach."

Tenner's video garnered thousands of comments from parents wanting their own "spa" treatment.

"We are all craving it," Tenner said. "Even if it's very rare -- that pedicure or that trip to Target by yourself."