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Mom's viral post takes square aim at mom shamers

They can go sit down now, thanks.

December 11, 2018, 12:13 PM

Mom shamers can sit down now.

Because when you think about it, they will come for you no matter what you do. Breastfeeding? Don't do it in public. Formula feeding? How could you?

The truth is mom bullies will have something to say no matter what you do.

In a now-viral post, Kelsea King, a Tampa, Florida, mom of two, shared the wise words of her friend Alee Zering:

"Mom-ing is hard when breastfeeding in public is offensive but formula feeding is frowned upon, when co-sleeping is dangerous but rocking your baby to sleep is wrong, when sleep training means you don’t love your baby but not having your kid on a schedule means you have no control of your kid, when putting your child in a bouncer/walker is detrimental to their development but holding them too much is spoiling them, when being a stay at home Mom means you’ve given up your career / dreams but putting them in childcare and going back to work means you’re going to miss out on all of the important things, when getting kids their shots is injecting them with poison but if you don’t you’re endangering the world, when you’re trying to be confident in your motherhood but everyone wants to tell you that you’re doing it wrong.

Mom bullies are the worst.

So stop.

Just love, encourage, support, and give a mom a cup of coffee.”

Her post has been shared more than 13,000 times.

King told "Good Morning America" the post has resonated with so many because "we see ourselves in Alee [Zering]. We have most likely debated each topic she spoke on and have heard the mixed views from others. We have all seen or experienced some sort of 'mom-bullying,' many times on social media, so it is nice to see such encouraging and refreshing words from another mom for a change."

When she first saw Zering's words, King told "GMA" she "saw myself in each sentence." Her quote, King said, "reminds everyone that we are doing the best we can, there is no 'right way,' and there is no need to worry about the opinions of others."