Skeptical toddler dipping french fry in ketchup for the 1st time is all of us

She even does a happy dance.

A toddler doing a happy dance after trying ketchup for the first time is the sweetest thing you'll see today.

The Gaines family was sharing a meal at a local Five Guys restaurant near their home in Washington D.C., when Kier Gaines successfully got his daughter Emery to dip her fry in some ketchup.

Emery liked it so much she joined her dad in a "fry dance."

Video of the sweet moment was shared on Instagram where it has been viewed nearly 600,000 times.

"I just had to give her a little bit of encouragement," dad Kier Gaines told "Good Morning America." "We've been trying to introduce her to new foods. I'm a sauce guy so we wanted her to try ketchup."

Mom Noemie Guillaume said she loves the funny dynamic between Emery and her dad.

"This is just how they are all the time," Guillaume told "GMA," laughing. "It's Emery minding her business and dad in her space trying to get her to do something. I'm just the bystander."

You can follow Emery and her family's adventures on their YouTube channel.