Target-loving couple's engagement shoot is photo goals

"Love is truly blind to race, sex and shopping preferences."

Aaron Damron and his fiance Tony DiPasqua share so many things, not the least of which is their love of Target.

"We are not outdoorsy people, so you wont find us out on the trail on the weekends. We very much love to bum around our town and go from store to store looking for good deals, more specifically at Target," Damron told "Good Morning America."

So when it came time for the couple -- who at that point had been engaged two years -- to book the engagement photo session included in their wedding package, they decided to head to their favorite place.

"We love wandering the aisles looking for deals, grabbing a coffee at Starbucks and just spending time together," he said.

So that's just what they did with their photographer from Erica Whiting of from Erica Whiting Photography capturing the moments along the way.

"Tony and I came prepared - we knew the type of shots we wanted," he said. "Erica helped us translate our wants and desires into something beautiful and 'us.'"

The couple and photographer all had fun with the playful session.

"I love photographing adventurous people and having the chance to think outside the box; so, when Aaron and Tony came to me with this idea I was totally on board," Whiting told "GMA." "I wanted the images to be authentic, so I focused on one lens and camera, ensuring less distractions for the couple as well as being less intrusive to the public."

The Erie, Pennsylvania, couple plan to wed on Dec. 31, 2019. They met on the Internet and spoke for months before their first date, Damron said.

While they do both love Target, Damron is sure that they would have still ended up together even if one wasn't a fan. "That would honestly be a true test of love," Damron joked, "but we do think that if two people love one another enough, views, opinions and likes shouldn’t really matter. Love is truly blind to race, sex and shopping preferences."