Toddler greeting her brothers after school gets viral love

"It's such a sweet little family moment."

September 14, 2021, 4:33 PM

One 18-month-old welcomes her big brothers home from school in the most precious way possible.

Emelia "Emmy" Muddamalle is the youngest of four. Having spent the majority of her life in the COVID-19 pandemic, she’s grown accustomed to having her three older brothers -- Liam, 10; Levi, 8; and Lucas, 6 -- around constantly.

With the school year in Charlotte, North Carolina, now in full swing, her brothers are back in school for in-person learning, leaving Emmy at home with her parents.

"She never experienced her brothers gone," Emmy’s mother, Brittany Muddamalle, told "Good Morning America." "This is the first time. She'll wake up from her nap like, 'Where in the world are my brothers?' and look for them all day."

In a video posted recently on TikTok, Muddamalle captured her kids' adorable reunion one day after school. The video has since gone viral, and, at the time of publication, has over 4 million likes and 75,000 comments.

The video shows Liam, Levi and Lucas on one side of a sidewalk and Emmy on the other as both run to meet in the middle while calling out each other’s names. At the end, the boys drop their school bags and group hug Emmy.

"It's such a sweet little family moment," Muddamalle said. "They're pretty close. With [Emmy], they just dote on her. They put her on their backs for piggy rides. They just do everything with her all day long, so when they were gone, she literally was like 'What am I supposed to do?'"

As a multiracial family, Muddamalle and her husband, Joel, said they work hard to instill values of both cultures in their kids, particularly when it comes to family and looking out for one another.

"One of the things in Indian culture is that family is everything," Muddamalle explained. "We've worked really hard at instilling that kind of love with our kids."

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