Toddler with spina bifida warms hearts after showing his dog he can walk

Video of Roman Dinkel, 2, has racked up millions of views on Facebook.

An adorable little boy is spreading smiles across the globe after a video of him celebrating his first steps alongside his dog went viral.

"Look, Maggie! I'm walking, Maggie!" Roman Dinkel, 2, can be heard telling his pup in the video.

"He's everybody's best friend," said Whitney Dinkel, the toddler's mom. "He could make even the grumpiest person smile."

The Dinkel family has three children and lives in Overland Park, Kansas. When Whitney Dinkel was 20 weeks pregnant with Roman, doctors diagnosed him with spina bifida. While in utero, he underwent a surgery meant to improve breathing issues and the functional movement he'd have in his legs after he was born.

"Before he was born, we were told that there was a chance that he wouldn't be able to walk," Roman's dad, Adam Dinkel, told "Good Morning America." "[We were] scared, confused on why this was happening. And fear is really the big kicker, because you want all your children to have a wonderful life."

Roman was born on May 5, 2016, and with the help of chiropratic and physical therapy, he persevered and started using a walker one year later.

Just this week, the toddler used his crutches on his own and took his first steps independently.

"He's a warrior," Adam Dinkel said.

Roman's adventures are shared on the Facebook page, "Defying Odds: Roman's Journey." Roman's videos garner comments from millions who say that his infectious personality has improved their moods and changed their lives for the better.

The Dinkels hope Roman's videos will also help shed light on spina bifida.