7-year-old 'Black Panther' fan surprised with a message from M'Baku actor Winston Duke

"I, M'Baku, wish to make you an honorary member of my tribe."

"Black Panther" fans have been recreateing M'Baku's iconic entrance in the hit film and posting their reenactments on social media as part of the #MBakuChallenge.

"I mean just in case y’all need a stunt double for the next movie ... just giving y’all options," she wrote. The video was quickly shared on Twitter, garnering millions of views.

Bascombe said that at first they did not even know about the challenge, but after seeing a video of someone else recreating the scene, Jordan would not stop repeating the lines from the movie. She eventually decided to film him, but said she had no idea it would get so much attention.

Jordan told ABC News that he loves "Black Panther" because the main character looks like him.

Bascombe, a teacher, added that she is happy that Jordan is able to see someone that looks like him who is a positive figure in a major movie.

"It's more than a movie, it's a movement," Bascombe told "GMA." "As soon as we watched it, he wanted to go back and see it again. He normally doesn't stay awake through a two-and-a-half hour movies so I knew that something was different about this movie."

A special surprise from M'Baku himself

Winston Duke, the actor who plays M'Baku in "Black Panther," surprised Jordan and his mom with a special message this morning on "Good Morning America."

"Jordan, I, M'Baku, wish to make you an honorary member of my tribe," Duke said. "Thank you for killing the M'Baku Challenge. You are amazing, I love you, you are amazing."

"Thank you for participating and making such an amazing video, I couldn't have done it better myself," he added. "You did everyone's voice! So cool. Thank you, thank your family, you guys are awesome. Bless."

This weekend, "Black Panther" passed the $1 billion mark at the global box office, according to the Associated Press.

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