4-year-old hilariously calls out passenger for poor airplane etiquette

“Some stinky feet behind me."

A boy who was on a flight home with his dad shamelessly called out a passenger whose manners were arguably not up to par.

Rodney Small's hilarious reaction was recorded after he realized the passenger behind him had placed their bare foot on the side of his seat.

“Some stinky feet behind me," Rodney can be heard saying in the video recorded by his father.

Darryl Small of Houston, Texas, said they were flying home from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, when the interaction took place.

Small shared the video on his Facebook page May 17, where it garnered 35,000 views.

Even actress Gabrielle Union tweeted the footage.

"I was surprised that so many people liked, commented and shared the video because this is normal behavior for him," Small told "Good Morning America," adding that the woman quickly moved her foot and apologized.

Small said Rodney knows it's a rule to keep feet off the furniture and wasn't trying to be rude.

"He was just curious as to why that rule didn’t apply to the lady sitting behind him," Small added. "I wasn’t offended at all but his reaction just caught me by surprise and ended up being the highlight of our trip."

Dad said you can follow more of Rodney's adventures on his Instagram, @JustRodneyOneal.

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