This bakery makes the cutest macarons

A bakery in California has gone viral on Instagram for its macaron creations.

Honey and Butter bakery in Irvine, California, has gone viral on Instagram for its creative cookie creations.

The bakery is known for its character macarons, where your favorite cartoons are turned into edible treats.

The staff works meticulously to add the smallest details to the macarons.

The cookies are made from scratch using meringue and almond flour.

Honey and Butter is always coming up with new creations.

“The possibilities of flavors for them is basically endless,” co-owner Pawel Pietrasinski told "GMA."

At the bakery you have the chance to see the staff creating the macarons everyday.

“What sets us aside from other macaron places are creature macarons which are cookies with a face,” Pietrasinski said.

The bakery has put our favorite characters into macaron form including, Wonder Woman, Winnie the Pooh, Pokémon, Lady Gaga and much more.

Honey and Butter also makes macaron ice cream sandwiches.

From your favorite movie character to cute corgi butts this bakery can do it all.