Gordon Ramsay reveals massive bruises after bike accident

The father of six shared a vital safety reminder for any bicyclist.

Gordon Ramsay reveals massive bruises after bike accident
@gordongram on IG
June 17, 2024, 11:34 AM

Chef Gordon Ramsay over the weekend shared details of a recent serious bike accident that landed him in the hospital ahead of Father's Day.

Ramsay, an avid fitness enthusiast and father of six, also shared images from before and after the accident on Instagram, giving followers a look at his damaged bike helmet, which he said "saved my life."

"I'd like to share a very important message with you all. You know how much I love cycling and triathlons and Iron Mans, etc., and this week unfortunately I had a really bad accident and it really shook me. And honestly, I'm lucky to be here," Ramsay said in a video posted on his various social media accounts Saturday.

In the straight-to-camera video, taken inside one of his kitchens, Ramsay thanked the "amazing" nurses and doctors at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London, Connecticut, who he said treated him following the accident.

He then stressed the importance of bike safety.

"Honestly, you've got to wear a helmet. I don't care how short the journey is, I don't care the fact that these helmets cost money, but they're crucial," he said, his hands visibly shaking. "Even with the kids [and] a short journey, they've got to wear a helmet."

The "Hell's Kitchen" and "Master Chef" host added, "I'm in pain it's been a brutal week, but I'm sort of getting through it."

Ramsay lifted his white chef coat to reveal a massive black and blue bruise across his abdomen and left side, writing in the caption, "I'm doing ok and did not break any bones or suffer any major injuries but I am a bit bruised up looking like a purple potato."

"[I'm] most thankful for my helmet that saved my life," he added.

On Instagram, Ramsay shared an image of his broken helmet, which appears scratched up with a major crack down the middle. Ramsay's jersey can be seen in the background, also scratch up with a giant tear across the shoulder.

Ramsay concluded his message by wishing his followers "a great Father's Day," encouraging them to "be safe."