Try these festive St. Patrick's Day snacks and treats for pot of gold cookies and magic mix

The Baker Mama, Maegan Brown shared these simple and fun ideas.

Try these festive St. Patrick's Day snacks and treats for pot of gold cookies and magic mix
The Baker Mama
March 15, 2023, 11:31 AM

You don't need the luck of the Irish to score a festive treat this St. Patrick's Day -- just a couple easy recipes to add a little magic to the holiday.

Maegan Brown, best known for her inventive and occasion-themed spreads, came up with a handful of festive recipes she shared with "Good Morning America" in time for the green-and-gold-filled event.

Leprechaun snack board

A vegetable and hummus platter for St. Patrick's Day.
The Baker Mama

First up, her cute, character-inspired grazing board that resembles a leprechaun face.

Check out how Brown creates this veggie and hummus board with all the ingredients from broccoli and bell peppers to cucumbers and how to assemble it here.

Magic mix

A basket of magic mix, candy-coated cereal.
The Baker Mama

Brown's fun and festive candy coated cereal mix recipe is a perfect St. Patrick's Day snack to sweeten up any party.

Watch how she whips up a batch in the Reel below.

St. Patrick's snack board

A St. Patrick's Day snacking board.
The Baker Mama

Different from the leprechaun board above, this charcuterie-style meat, cheese and veggie platter has an array of delicious and festive bites.

Brown leans into ingredients like Havarti dill, Irish cheddar, Irish soda bread plus other green fruits, vegetables and nuts to amp up the St. Patrick's Day flare. Get her full suggested ingredients and instructions here.

Pot of gold cookies

Chocolate "pot of gold" cookies with a rainbow candy strip.
The Baker Mama

The pot of gold promised at the end of a rainbow comes to life with this sweet chocolate cookie recipe that uses a berry candy strip to complete the illusion.

The thick and chewy chocolate cookies get rolled in sparkling sugar for some added texture and thanks to a small indent in the top each get filled with icing and yellow candy to make this confection look like a mini pot of gold.

With just 30 minutes of prep and 10 minutes of cooking, the full recipe makes for a great activity to do with kids too.

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