Olive Garden fans can snag an exclusive lifetime pasta pass for the first time ever

The first-ever Lifetime Pasta Pass will be available for 50 lucky diners.

Olive Garden is taking the term "endless pasta-bilities" to a whole new level.

The Italian restaurant chain announced the return of the never-ending Pasta Pass and introduced a first-of-its-kind Lifetime Pasta Pass.

The coveted card for carb lovers will be available to 24,000 diners for $100 each, but the first 50 guests to complete their online transaction can "opt-in" for the lifetime version and upgrade for an additional $400.

The passes are available for purchase exclusively at www.PastaPass.com for 30 minutes -- or until sold out -- beginning at 2 p.m. ET on Aug. 15.

Guests are encouraged to visit the website early to join the online waiting room starting at 1:55 p.m. ET.

Upgrading to the first-ever lifetime pass will pay off, on average, by the time a customer enjoys their 45th bowl, according to Olive Garden.

"The Lifetime Pasta Pass includes a lifetime of unlimited servings of guests’ favorite pastas, homemade sauces and toppings, accompanied by unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks," the company said in a press release.

Guests who claim the regular Pasta Pass will be able to enjoy the unlimited bowls of noodles for nine weeks from Sept. 23 through Nov. 24.

Olive Garden's executive vice president of marketing, Jennifer Arguello, told ABC News they wanted to "truly live up" to the term never-ending.

"It’s important to us that our biggest brand fans have been with us through all of their special occasions. With the introduction of the Lifetime Pasta Pass, we’re able to continue making memories with them for a lifetime," she explained.

For this year's never ending pasta promotion, Olive Garden added creamy roasted garlic sauce to the menu.

The menu was made for mixing and matching and has more than 100 possible combinations of pastas, sauces and toppings.

The pastas: Fettuccine, spaghetti, rigatoni, angel hair, cavatappi, whole grain linguine, gluten-free rotini.

The sauces: Creamy roasted garlic, creamy mushroom, traditional marinara, five cheese marinara, traditional meat sauce and alfredo.

The toppings: Garden veggies, meatballs, Italian sausage, crispy chicken, crispy shrimp and grilled Chicken.

But according to Arguello, classic fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken is stil the resatuarant's best-selling dish.