TikTok is eating up these easy Trader Joe's recipes for semi-homemade pizza

Using all pre-made ingredients makes this a cinch.

TikTok is eating up these easy Trader Joe's recipes for semi-homemade pizza
Maddie Martindale
September 22, 2023, 2:49 PM

As has been the case with past viral TikTok recipes that yield millions of views and searches across social media, the latest dish that creators are devouring is an easy-to-make semi-homemade pizza.

The hashtag #traderjoespizza has so far amassed 7.4 million views on the social media video-sharing platform -- and counting -- and while there are thousands of home cooks and creators hopping on the hashtag, there's one version that seems to be sparking the most discussion.

Trader Joe's ingredients to make a semi-homemade pizza.
Maddie Martindale

Trader Joe's recipes for semi-homemade spicy pizzas

Dietitian Blair Cooley appears to have kicked off the viral Trader Joe's spicy pizza idea last year, using ingredients that can all be found at the beloved grocery store chain.

Her version used the brand's fresh refrigerated dough, but more recently, others have opted for an even easier iteration using the brand's pre-baked, ready to top pizza crust.

This dish is getting tons of attention just in time for fall weather, when cozy, easy meals reign supreme.

Maddie Martindale, who tried the recipe, told "Good Morning America," she "absolutely loved this recipe" because it's "so easy to make and delicious."

"Think this one is definitely worth the hype," she added.

A homemade spicy pizza topped with arugula using Trader Joe's ingredients.
Maddie Martindale

The first key to a viral recipe on TikTok is simple ingredients with minimal prep work -- of which this certainly qualifies, considering all the ingredients are pre-made and cook together on a single sheet pan.

Here's what you need to put this one together:

Pre-cooked crust
Garlic spread dip
Jarred pesto rosso made with tomato and cashew
Italian Bomba Hot Pepper Sauce (aka fermented crushed Calabrian chili peppers)
Mini fresh mozzarella balls
Cold cuts topping of choice (aka spicy salami, pepperoni, prosciutto or whatever suits your fancy)
Fresh burrata cheese, torn apart into pieces
Fresh arugula and olive oil to add on top once the pizza is cooked

Additional optional toppings could include sundried tomatoes and balsamic glaze to drizzle over the arugula.