Couple Rousted by Katrina, Rita Finally Weds

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Oct. 9, 2005 — -- Emmy Barrick and Logan Laviolette know a thing or two about wedding crashers. They're not even married yet and they've already had two: Katrina and Rita.

They were supposed to get married in New Orleans. Then Katrina came to town.

So Barrick and Laviolette moved the festivities to Galveston, Texas, only to be foiled again -- this time by Hurricane Rita.

"We started wondering if it was a sign," Laviolette said.

The happy couple evacuated not once, but twice -- even spending what would have been their honeymoon in an RV with eight family members and four dogs.

But a ruined wedding seemed like a small price to pay for these high school sweethearts.

"Despite the two ruined weddings and two separate hurricanes, we think we are still lucky people," Barrick said.

Their luck got even better when their minister in New Orleans e-mailed, welcoming them -- and their wedding -- back. If they made it this far, they could make it down the aisle.

"They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," said the Rev. Don Bohn. "Then, I'd say they have one very strong relationship."

There's another old saying: Timing is everything. This morning, Barrick and Laviolette were finally married -- nine years to the day they first met.

"Maybe it was meant to be on this special day," Laviolette said.

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