Meet the Boston Salty Legs Career Club

Motivated Boston Club off to a great start, ready to share challenges and fun.

ByABC News via logo
October 29, 2008, 11:31 AM

Oct. 29, 2008— -- Club Name: Boston Salty Legs Career Club

Club Members: Anna Goldsmith, Chris Brogan, Gyee O'Malley, Janice Tugaoen, Katherine Hasenauer, Lorelei Grazier, Madeline Tarquinio Laurano, Michael H., Michael A. Lewis, Neil Costa, Nicole Sammarco, and Rachel Levy

Club Leader: Susan Kang Nam

Where They Meet: Harvard Kennedy School

Susan Kang Nam Tells the Story: We are artists, writers, consultants, businessmen and women. We are mothers, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, sisters, brothers and friends. We are job seekers, job finders, podcasters and bloggers. We are attractive, well-dressed men and women attempting to balance our lives. And we are getting shushed.

Our mission is to help each other grow in our careers. During our first informal meeting, we shared about our challenges, our wants and needs and shared some laughs to have a "fun" informal meeting. We hope to meet every other week with mini-presentations from each member, bring in guest speakers to talk about their passions. We are honored to be part of this journey together. And together we are all out in the thick of it, trying to make it happen for ourselves. So hopefully we can help each other make it happen.Our club name has been voted from 20 plus names generated over 48 hours. Salty Legs, for a couple of reasons. We liked Salt because we often use the old saying "worth her weight in salt" and we added legs to make it a bit odd and memorable -- perhaps a bit sexy, dare we say? As the club leader, I would like to personally thank everyone for their contributions, their willingness to be open, and most importantly have a positive attitude throughout the meeting.Thanks to: Anna Goldsmith -- if it wasn't for your "question" about finding a local group I wouldn't have approached Tory Johnson about starting this group. Lorelei Grazier -- for your insights on mission and the final name of the club (congrats on being chosen one), and your ability to engage others. Nicole Sammarco -- well, for being able to "count" on you to help me at such a last-minute. Madeline Tarquinio Laurano -- for your visual touch with photos and video, and discussion -- so appreciative. Rachel Levy -- for helping us bring about our challenges, questions, quoting you -- "We need to really work to define the purpose of the group. For example, what is networking to everyone? Meeting the people in the group? Finding contacts through the people in the group?"

In total we will have five additional members (Janice T., Michael H., Michael L., Katherine H., Gyee O.) joining us starting our next meeting. Our goal at the moment is to have 11-12 active members for Salty Legs Career Club of Boston.Our first guest speaker will be Chris Brogan, social media guru here in Boston. Thank you for sharing this journey with us via ABC News. Most importantly, thank you to Tory Johnson, for her vision, motivating attitude, inspiring me personally to lead this group.--Susan Kang Nam