5 Ways to Freelance for More Cash

Whether working fulltime or job hunting, freelancing can line your pockets.

ByABC News via GMA logo
May 25, 2009, 9:36 PM

May 26, 2009 — -- Who couldn't use some money in their pockets these days? Whether you're working full-time and eager to supplement your income or you're job seeking and in need of part-time cash while searching, there are several Web sites that may help you do just that.

Many of these new openings are jobs in fields that were outsourced overseas but are now coming back.

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Sales is often thought of as an "in-house" position, but Elance.com sees growth in this category as businesses are eager to boost revenues by hiring freelancers to assist with sales tactics from cold calling to writing sales materials. This is an area where U.S. workers have an edge over overseas competitors.

Solid communication, writing and language skills, plus an understanding of the domestic marketplace and current business climate help drive results. You can make $15 to $50 an hour depending on sales skill level and expertise.

Web Sites: Elance.com, Livesalesstaff.com, oDesk.com

Technical Expertise

oDesk.com is an online marketplace on which businesses post freelance projects, and anyone can apply. The site connects technology service providers with people who want to hire them.

There is significant competition from overseas workers, but American service providers do very well in in positions including software programmers, Web developers, search engine optimization specialists and Web-savvy writers who create compelling content for English blogs and Web sites.

The average pay for this work on oDesk is $21 an hour.