Cabdriver's Tip Led to Arrest of Holloway Potential Suspect

April 24, 2006 — -- Geoffrey van Cromvoirt, 19, has been released into the custody of his parents after spending more than a week in an Aruba jail on suspicion of "criminal offenses that may be related to the disappearance" of Natalee Holloway.

ABC News has learned that van Cromvoirt's April 15 arrest occurred after police identified him as someone who may have had physical relations with the Alabama teen while she was on vacation in Aruba.

Police followed a trail of evidence that began with a cabdriver, who wants to remain anonymous. The cabdriver told police she drove an intoxicated Holloway and her friends one night and heard Holloway talking about being in love with a "Dutch boy."

Aruban police interviewed Holloway's friends in Alabama and say they confirmed the cabdriver's description, including more details about the man Holloway allegedly said she loved. The friends provided a physical description and a first initial -- G.

Van Cromvoirt allegedly matches the description. He was arrested, but did not answer questions during a week of interrogation.

In another development, Aruba police Commissioner Gerold Dompig told ABC News his son had been questioned this weekend by detectives.

The former lead investigator in the Holloway case said his son worked for a water sports company on the beach and had overheard a group of people telling a story about someone using a boat to get rid of Holloway's body.

Holloway disappeared in May 2005 during a high school graduation trip to the Caribbean island.

ABC's Neal Karlinsky reported this story for "Good Morning America."