Bride has her friends and family wear their wedding gowns to her own wedding

"I have no problem sharing the spotlight."

One bride didn't mind sharing the spotlight on her big day.

Audrey Moore, an actress best known for "Better Call Saul" and the Netflix series, "Godless," hosted an offbeat affair in celebration of her marriage to Jesse Lumen on Dec. 30.

Moore asked her 120 guests to wear either their wedding gown or a costume of their choice. About 10 friends and family members wore a gown and Moore's now-husband, Lumen, shared a photo of the moment on Reddit where it got lots of love.

"When I told people, they were pretty shocked," Moore told "Good Morning America." "One of my friends, I had asked his wife to wear her wedding dress. She was going to rent a dress because she thought I meant [any] wedding dress. All of the women were thrilled to put their dresses back on."

The women in the picture have been married anywhere from 6 months to 20 years, Moore said, adding that her cousin, Remi Aylesworth, 15, decided to wear her mom's wedding dress.

"I had gone to all of their weddings and remembered how beautiful they looked and how sad they all were that it was going to sit in a box," Moore said.

She added, "I thought that was silly. I am a very extroverted person and I have no problem sharing the spotlight. I love when everyone gets to shine and play."

And there was no confusion as to who the bride was -- Moore opted for a long-sleeve, princess-inspired, blue wedding gown.

Another non-traditional aspect were how Moore and Lumen's mothers served as flower girls. Moore's grandfather was even a ring bearer alongside her nephews.

Instead of a rehearsal dinner, the couple had a cake decorating event and at the reception, a slideshow featuring their guests' wedding photos played at the party.