Cafeteria worker pens encouraging messages on bananas

Stacey Truman hand writes notes on bananas for her students every morning.

December 10, 2018, 9:51 AM

An elementary school cafeteria worker in Virginia has made it her mission to pen appealing messages on the bananas she serves her students each day.

Stacey Truman, a mom of two who works as the cafeteria manager of Kingston Elementary School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, wakes up at the crack of dawn to handwrite words of encouragement on each banana she puts out for her students.

"The kids need motivation...they need to hear good things," Truman said on "GMA." "They are our future so, why not?" Truman said on "GMA." "They need to hear all of this and be inspired every day."

Messages range from a simple, “Smile!” to “If at first you don’t succeed try again!” and even “Follow your dreams,” spreading positivity with each serving of potassium.

Truman initially started writing the messages for her daughters when she packed lunches for them, telling "Good Morning America" that she used to work two jobs and rarely got to see her own children, so the messages were a way for her to send positive words to her daughters.

"I wouldn't see them for a week at a time," Truman said while fighting back tears. "I would do it for them so they would know how much I love them."

After her girls loved the notes, Truman said her mom suggested that she do it for all of her students, and the tradition began. Students at the school refer to the fruits as "talking bananas" because of the sweet notes.

VIDEO: Cafeteria worker pens inspirational notes on bananas for her students
VIDEO: Cafeteria worker pens inspirational notes on bananas for her students

When the fruit company Dole heard about her daily efforts, they sent over 500 bananas to the elementary school.

Truman said the kids love the banana messages and are excited to see them each morning.

"They say that it makes them a better person and a better friend," Truman added.