This DIY succulent wreath is major holiday decor goals

Deck the halls with this DIY succulent wreath.

November 30, 2022, 4:04 AM

Sleigh Christmas this year with a DIY succulent wreath.

Instead of the traditional wreath made of pine or holly, this DIY succulent wreath is eco-friendly, colorful, and sure to make your season -- and Instagram feed -- bright!

We worked with "GMA" Art Director, Meg Dohmlo, to make this creation ourselves. Check out the step-by-step instructions below to do it yourself.

How to make a succulent wreath

What you need

Moss wreath

Greening pins

50-100 succulents


Prepping your wreath

A DIY succulent wreath is literally the gift that keeps on giving, but in order to keep it as healthy as possible, you will need to soak the moss wreath in water before decorating it.

Leave the clippings for 5-7 days so the stem can heal over - this will make sure that they can root down when you attach them.

Step 1: Arrange your succulents

Plan your design by arranging your succulents around the wreath. You can arrange based on colors or types of sizes of succulents.

Step 2: Remove the leaves

Remove leaves to expose the stem, so it can be easily placed into the wreath.

Step 3: Create a hole in the wreath

Use your chopstick to make a hole in the wreath for placement of the succulent cuttings. You can also use scissors or a dowel to poke a hole in the wreath.

Step 4: Insert the stem into the hole

Step 5: Secure plant

Secure the placement of your succulent cuttings with greening pins. You can also use bobby pins or wires for hair rollers to hold your plant.


Editor's note: This was originally published on Dec. 6, 2018.

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