Fort Myers Police create special tribute to healthcare workers

Officers organized patrol cars in the shape of a heart outside a local hospital.

Officers organized 15 patrol vehicles outside Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida, hoping to show their appreciation for heroes in their community that are saving lives. Several law enforcement officials can be seen holding large signs in the middle of the heart that read “FMPD THANKS YOU” as red and blue lights flash around them.

“It's kind of like our hometown hospital,” Officer Kristin Capuzzi said. “We wanted a nice way to say thank you to our health care professionals.”

Capuzzi came up with the idea after brainstorming with her fleet lieutenant. The pair created the heart shape and got together with a few officers who volunteered to be a part of their tribute. The group made sure to stop by during the hospitals shift change, hoping to surprise as many doctors and nurses as possible.

“You could just tell we were grabbing their attention,” Capuzzi said. “Some of the nurses were getting in their cars teary-eyed and would come over to take pictures. It was really neat.”

The police department did not invite any media to the event, but shared their message of thanks in a Facebook post that has since garnered hundreds of likes and comments.

“This was a personal experience that was a simple way to show our appreciation,” Capuzzi said. “It's tough times and we all have to stick together.”