'But Like Maybe' Instagram cartoonist shares dating lessons she learned the hard way

Popular Instagrammer shares dating don'ts in new book, "But Like Maybe Don't."

Arianna Margulis thought her dating life would be more like the predictable, happy storylines she'd seen in the movies.

That was not the case when it came to dating in the digital age -- from flaky men on dating apps to bad dates and bad break-ups.

Margulis channeled her millennial misadventures on Instagram, creating an honest and witty comic strip featuring her alter-ego heroine who is optimistic and desperate for love.

Her Instagram account, But Like Maybe, has amassed over 230,000 followers with her relatable posts and her musings on millennial life (bachelorette parties, horoscopes, female friendships) and dating woes (how to reply to that text, deciphering if he's just not that into you, and more).

In her new book, "But Like Maybe Don't," Margulis shares candid dating stories and what she's learned from them over the years, along with more than 70 new cartoons about navigating the messy world of dating in the digital age. Because "while you may think you'd do anything for love . . . maybe you shouldn't," the book teases.

Margulis shares her top dating don'ts with "Good Morning America" in her own words and illustrations below.

1. Be with someone who wakes up every day excited to be with you, and treats you like the unicorn you are! Realize your own worth, and what you deserve.

2. Don't chase them. If they want to see you, they will! It's the harsh truth. I spent too many nights bar hopping, searching for my crush of the moment, instead of having fun with my friends.

3. Don't wait up. There's nothing worse than desperation. I used to sleep with an outfit on under my sheets. Get your own plans! Don't hope to be included late night in theirs!

4. Don't try to change someone. Forget the checklist in your head. There's no perfect person out there.

5. Don't play wedding bells too early. (This was a question I actually asked.) Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves to make sure people are aligned with some predetermined romantic timeline. Leave marriage plans out of the first date!