This paint bomb escape room is a blast

Escape room meets paintball at New York City’s Beat The Bomb.

Escape room meets paintball at New York City’s Beat The Bomb.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Beat The Bomb challenges families, friends and corporate groups to race against time to defuse a paint bomb.

“Beat The Bomb was made to be about teamwork, communication and coordination” founder Alex Patterson told “Good Morning America.”

How it works

Teams of two to six people travel from room to room, racing against the clock to earn time to beat the bomb.

There are five rooms in total, each of them posing a new challenge, from hacking computers and dodging lasers to ultimately taking on the paint bomb.

Teams get 10 minutes in each of the first four rooms with the objective of scoring as many points as possible before the clock runs out.

The more challenges the team completes, the more time teammates have to defuse the paint bomb.

How to prepare

Since this is a team bonding activity, Patterson recommends putting together a solid group you can communicate with because “if you don’t work together as a team, you’re definitely going to get paint blasted.”

No need to worry about getting messy.

Teams are equipped with hazmat suits, proper eye protection and a stylish fanny pack for your cellphone.

Think you can beat the bomb?

It may seem easy but only around 5 percent of teams are able to disarm the bomb.