Quarantined bride doesn't let COVID-19 diagnosis get in the way of wedding day

"If we can get through 2020, Patrick and I can get through anything."

Despite various obstacles along the way, nothing could stop Lauren Jimenez and Patrick Delgado from saying "I do" -- not even COVID-19 itself.

The pandemic had already forced them to change their venue location and guest list three times, but the unthinkable happened when Jimenez got sick and tested positive for COVID-19 just days before their big day on Nov. 20. On top of that, the couple was also under a time crunch as their marriage license was set to expire.

Jimenez and Delgado -- who have been together four years and got engaged on May 24, 2019 -- decided to move forward with a ceremony, with Jimenez dressed in her wedding dress and sitting in her bedroom's second-story window at her mother's house in Ontario, California, while Delgado, 27, stood beneath her in the front yard.

"Although it's definitely not how we envisioned our wedding day, Patrick and I were able to exchange our vows to each other," Jimenez, 29, told "Good Morning America," adding that she was "saddened" when she received her COVID-19 results but was able to lean on her groom to handle setting up everything.

Delgado called all their vendors to cancel and made sure their officiant and photographer would be willing to participate in this impromptu ceremony.

"Patrick has been the best partner!" Jimenez said. "Since we don't live together, he would FaceTime me every day and reassure me that we can get through anything together."

Jessica Castellano, who photographed the special day, told "GMA" this was the "most 2020 wedding" she has done and, despite being socially distanced, "you could just feel the love" between Jimenez and Delgado.

When it came time to tie the knot, the lovebirds weren't face-to-face but they were connected by a 30-foot ribbon with flowers made by Jimenez's aunt. This, according to Jimenez, symbolized "unity, love and physical touch" since they weren't standing together.

"I think the distance between them added way more magic to the wedding day," Castellano added. "Imagine telling your kids that you got married while one of you was quarantined, just because you could not wait to marry the love of your life. I do not blame them for really living the 'through sickness and in health' vow."

Even though it wasn't what Jimenez ever envisioned for her and Delgado, she noted that she'll "feel happy" when she looks back on her wedding day.

"I feel so lucky to have a partner who will support, love and navigate through tough times," she said. "If we can get through 2020, Patrick and I can get through anything. I know Patrick and I will also share laughs about how crazy, unique and different our wedding day turned out. We will definitely be sharing this story with our children and grandchildren someday."

Jimenez revealed that she and Delgado plan to have a big celebration next year if things are safe but they haven't set a date yet because they want to use their original vendors and check their guests' schedules. Should it work out, they'd like to celebrate their 1-year wedding anniversary with their loved ones.

For now, though, she is just glad to be married and is very much looking forward to making a full recovery and being reunited with her husband.

"Being a quarantined bride has not been ideal, but I'm trying to make the best of our situation," Jimenez said. "I can't wait till I can be with Patrick and finally give him a kiss."