Teacher babysits for former student so she could attend job fair

"I really hope I can do something for her one day," Larresha Plummer said.

When a young mom was in a bind for childcare, her former high school teacher came to the rescue.

Larresha Plummer, 18, of Chicago, told "Good Morning America" that she recently messaged her former teacher, LaShonda Carter, on Facebook because she needed help getting to a job fair.

Plummer, a soon-to-be freshman at Kennedy-King College, was hoping to land a part-time position to support her 1-month-old daughter, Taliyah. But she needed a babysitter to help find a job -- and that's when Carter stepped in.

"I said, 'I'll do you one better. I'll pick you and the baby up,'" Carter recalled of the conversation with Plummer.

She added, "I'm no more special than any other teacher. Teachers do things like this every day. We don't need recognition."

Carter told "GMA" that she taught social studies and science to Plummer, a 2018 graduate of Englewood High School in Chicago.

Although the pair currently has a tight bond, Carter admits that she and the teen initially got off to a rough start.

"In the beginning it was tumultuous ... [but] we became very close because I saw her heart and not what she was pretending to be," Carter explained.

In late August, Carter picked up Plummer and sat in the car with her daughter while she attended the job fair.

Carter shared part of the event on Facebook Live.

"Sometimes as a teacher, our job goes beyond the classroom," Carter can be heard saying in the footage.

Carter said she made the video to ask her followers to kindly give diapers and clothing to the struggling mom and her child.

Plummer has since received donations as well as multiple job offers.

Last week, she accepted a part-time role in retail.

"I appreciate it so much because a lot of people contacted me," Plummer said. "I really hope I can do something for her [Carter] one day. I really do."